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About this site
This site is the new edition of the former website "Histoire de la télévision / History of television" edited by Andté Lange from 1999 to 2004. The objective of the site is to provide reliable and diversified information on the international history of television (and other media related to it) from its origin. It includes articles, access to documents (for the period 1870-1945), videos related to history of television, and important resources (links, bibliographies,...).
The site is currently in a migration period, so some links still lead to pages of the old site. The part "Projet Mary Néant" with documents related to the relations of television with other arts, will be migrated in a second phase.
The site is open to contributions from other researchers. The site is obviously not a peer reviewed publication, but proposed papers should be original and reference oriented.
The site is mainly in French, but there is a lot of content (in particular in the "Documents" segment in English, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.
About the editor

André Lange retired from the European Audiovisual Observatory as at 1st June 2015. He maintains activities of independent expert in the field of film and audiovisual (policy and market analysis, history of television,...).

André has worked at the European Audiovisual Observatory (Council of Europe) from 1993 to May 2015. He has acted as Head of the Department for Information on Markets and Financing. He was the editor and co-author of 20 editions of the Yearbook, has designed the initial versions of the databases LUMIERE and MAVISE. He also also edited various issues of the
FOCUS. trends of the world film market  (published by the Cannes Film Market and the Obserbatoey) as well as numerous reports and presentations.

Prior to joining the European Audiovisual Observatory in 1993 as part of the initial team, had a distinguished international career as a researcher, specialising in socio-economic aspects of the European media sector. 

Worked as university lecturer and researcher at the University of Liège, the European Institute for the Media in Manchester, the University of Paris-Dauphine and the Free University of Brussels, and held a lecturer traineeship (1988-89) with the Directorate of Human Rights at the Council of Europe. 

Headed the Audiovisual and Cultural Industries Department of the French research institute IDATE (1989-1993).

Has published a large number of books, studies and scientific papers for international bodies, national ministries, professional organisations and research institutes. Most of André's professional publications are accessible on
Academia and on ResearchGate

Formerly was lecturer on the History of television at the Free University of Brussels. 

Doctorate in Communications Studies from the University of Liège (1986). 

Member of the Académie André Delvaux and of the European Film Academy.


André is editing a blog, "L'alfarrabiste et la libellule"​ (, a subjective chronicle on daily life, books, films, arts. He is also publishing photographies on Les photographies du miroir magique  on and some videos on Les films du miroir magique

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